2 Different tears

2 Different tears

Friday, November 26, 2010

[WonderFul] Wonder Girls Demo Fan Chants, DL

Just in case some of you have yet to memorize or learn the fan chant for the upcoming concerts, here’s a demo for you to practice at home (: There is subs in Korean, English and Thai for our international fans, we also have the lyrics for the cheer in all 3 versions if they happen to sing English/Chinese version at your place so you know what to chant!

Wonder Girls- Irony Fan Chant (WonderFuls)

Wonder Girls- Tell Me Fan Chant (WonderFuls) 

Wonder Girls- So Hot Fan Chant (WonderFuls)

Wonder Girls- Nobody Fan Chant (WonderFuls)

Wonder Girls- 2 Different Tears Fan Chant (WonderFuls)

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