2 Different tears

2 Different tears

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wonder Girls pictures on Mnet MAMA

Wonder Girls Brought An Explosive Performance Onto 2010 MAMA Awards

International pop-sensation, Wonder Girls, does it again, bringing an explosive performance onto “2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards”. Being the highlight performance for the day, Wonder Girls did not let down the audience/fans who have waited all night for them.

Opening up with a brand new remix of “So Hot”, followed by a new rendition of “2 Different Tears”, & not forgetting their global hit single, “Nobody”.
During the opening act, Wonder Girls were seen hanging in the air with a silk rope, revealing their fine looking sexy legs in the mid-air.

Check out the performance if you had missed them:

Picture of the week!

Our 4-D alien!! Our Mimi is in 2 Different Tears Costume!.
It's only fan made!
So Hope you like it!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Greetings WonderFuls!

Hey loyal WonderFuls
Wonder Girls' Fan!
Here I am! The owner of this site!

While we were waiting for some
Wonder News about our girls,
we will be having a
photo of the week!

So are you ready WonderFuls??

Friday, November 26, 2010

[WonderFul] Wonder Girls Demo Fan Chants, DL

Just in case some of you have yet to memorize or learn the fan chant for the upcoming concerts, here’s a demo for you to practice at home (: There is subs in Korean, English and Thai for our international fans, we also have the lyrics for the cheer in all 3 versions if they happen to sing English/Chinese version at your place so you know what to chant!

Wonder Girls- Irony Fan Chant (WonderFuls)

Wonder Girls- Tell Me Fan Chant (WonderFuls) 

Wonder Girls- So Hot Fan Chant (WonderFuls)

Wonder Girls- Nobody Fan Chant (WonderFuls)

Wonder Girls- 2 Different Tears Fan Chant (WonderFuls)

Wonder Girls’ Hot Popularity in Hong Kong ‘We’re so busy we can’t even see our family’

Girl group Wonder Girls has been gaining a massive amount of popularity in Hong Kong.
With their upcoming solo concert in the country on the 17th of the following month, the Wonder Girls are planning on holding a press conference and fan signing event on the 29th this month.
For this event, which will be limited to fans who have reserved/pre-ordered tickets, the girls are planning on giving signed posters and albums as gifts to their fans. However, due to their busy schedule, the fan signing will only be held for a short 45 minutes.
Meanwhile, it has been informed that because of their equally busy US activities schedule, the members have not had time to see their families and friends.
It was also informed in another report that the girls were planning on inviting their family members to the Hong Kong concert, but has become difficult to do after the VIP tickets sold out. However, the Wonder Girls have been gaining strength by talking to them on the phone often.

Vote for Wonder Girls for the 2010 Golden Disk Awards!

Have you been voting for Wonder Girls at Yahoo! and Musiqtone? Want to know what more can you do? Well, get ready to vote for them for the 2010 Golden Disk Awards!
Earlier this month, Wonder Girls were nominated for the Golden Disk Awards, considered one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in Korea, in the Popularity and Digital Bonsang categories. Even though international fans could not vote in those categories, now they will have the chance to show their support on the Asia Popularity category.
The Golden Disk Awards want to thank the support of fans overseas, therefore they have opened an Asian Fan Voting and, of course, Wonder Girls have been included in the list of nominees that you are now able to vote for.
To vote simply visit the 2010 Golden Disk Awards’ English website and look for Wonder Girls’ 2 Different Tears in the nominees list, after clicking the small circle besides Wonder Girls go to the bottom of the page and click “Vote”.
Remember that the effort is what counts, even if Wonder Girls don’t win, let’s try and give them the highest rank possible. The award ceremony will take place on December 9th at Korea University’s Hwajung Gymnasium at 7:00PM (KST) and will be broadcasted live online, for the first time, at Golden Disk’s website.
*Voting from November 22nd to December 6th
*The artists nominated are those who were active from December 1st, 2009 to November 30, 2010
*Winner of the award will be chosen by fan votes and points from a committee

Pre-CSAT Gifts for Sunmi by Wonder Girls Fan Union

The Wonder Girls Fan Union, ‘For Sunmi’ prepared gifts for Sunmi, which was focused on her preparation for College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) and winter.
It is a Korean tradition, to give gifts to students prior to their exam, with a message of good luck.
Check out gifts from the project below:

JYP plans world conquest with Wonder Girls, 2PM, and miss A

The artists of JYP Entertainment are planning to spread out all over the world for the upcoming new year.
Representatives of JYP Entertainment revealed, “In 2011, the Wonder Girls will be in America, 2PM in Japan, and miss A in China in order to extend their promotions internationally. The Wonder Girls will complete their Asian tour and return to America to release a new track, and there’s a high possibility that they will release their first official album as well.”
2PM has already released a DVD in Japan and will be holding a showcase titled “2PM 1ST CONTACT IN JAPAN” on December 8th in Tokyo. Their Japanese promotions will officially begin in 2011 with the release of their first official album, “1:59 PM,” which will include a brand-new track in Japanese.
The representative went on to state, “Their schedule for 2011 is already planned so we will be moving according to that.” Due to members Wooyoung and Taecyeon’s participation in the drama “Dream High,” 2PM’s Japanese activities will be put on hold until the series has completed.
miss A was always meant to head over to China, and so the ladies will officially begin their Chinese activities in 2011 as well.
The CEO of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young, will also be quite busy as well – he will tackle his first attempt at acting alongside his artists in “Dream High”. Park Jin Young has also taken on the responsibilities of being the style and music directors for the drama.
Looks like it’s going to be quite the hectic year for JYP Entertainment! Let’s wish them well!

Wonder Girls’ 2 Different Tears Nominated for Musiqtone’s Video of the Year

Once again Wonder Girls have been nominated for Video of the Year at Musiqtone!
Last year, Wonder Girls won Video of the Year with Nobody by receiving the most votes from the fans. Now they have been nominated with the English version of 2 Different Tears.
This year the nominations are made from the Top 10 indie videos, Top 25 wildcards, Top 40 at large videos and the Top 25 videos at Musiqtone, with Wonder Girls’ 2 Different Tears being one of the videos chosen for being part of the Top 25.
The rules have also changed from last time. Last year the winner of Video of the Year was chosen entirely by the fans, but this year it will be half and half, fans and Musiqtone. Fan votes account for 50% of the final result, while the other 50% will be in the hands of a special voting panel.
We all know last year’s win was very special for the girls and for the fans who voted non stop. Korean media sources also gave great coverage to the event due to Musiqtone being known as an “American music site”. Wouldn’t it be great if the won again?
Even if in the end they don’t win by the decision of the special voting panel, how satisfactory will it be to at least know that we did our part and voted non stop for them once again, maybe being able to make them at least no. 1 in fan votes.
The effort is what counts WonderFuls, but in the end it’s your decision to make.
To vote for Wonder Girls on Musiqtone simply visit http://musiqtone.com/music/thecount and look for “Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears (English Version)” and the bottom of the poll at the left.
*Voting started on Nov. 12, 2010 at 5:00pm ET and will continue until Jan. 14,2011 at 11:59pm ET. 100 votes per session (session are reset once every 24 hours).