2 Different tears

2 Different tears

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wonder Girls’ Hot Popularity in Hong Kong ‘We’re so busy we can’t even see our family’

Girl group Wonder Girls has been gaining a massive amount of popularity in Hong Kong.
With their upcoming solo concert in the country on the 17th of the following month, the Wonder Girls are planning on holding a press conference and fan signing event on the 29th this month.
For this event, which will be limited to fans who have reserved/pre-ordered tickets, the girls are planning on giving signed posters and albums as gifts to their fans. However, due to their busy schedule, the fan signing will only be held for a short 45 minutes.
Meanwhile, it has been informed that because of their equally busy US activities schedule, the members have not had time to see their families and friends.
It was also informed in another report that the girls were planning on inviting their family members to the Hong Kong concert, but has become difficult to do after the VIP tickets sold out. However, the Wonder Girls have been gaining strength by talking to them on the phone often.

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